Cufflinks – Mother of Pearl


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These beautiful, heavy weight cufflinks in Sterling Silver feature a geometric squares design, inlaid with thick slices of grey and white Mother of Pearl. The iridescent properties of Mother of Pearl mean that flashes of colour are produced when the cufflinks catch the light. An ideal gift, these bold cufflinks are sure to demand attention. The cufflinks are fastened to a cuff with a swivel style, triangular profile lozenge on a solid, curved arm. Each cufflink element measures approximately 14.2 x 14.2mm and is approximately 3.8mm thick. Lozenge measures approximately 13.1mm long x 6.4mm wide x 3.9mm thick at the thickest point. When cufflink is in closed position, distance between square cufflink element and lozenge measures approximately 12.7mm. Supplied in pairs.


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